A Letter From Our Director

The energy to take on tomorrow, through food

After starting the company without a dollar in our pocket in June 2010, we continue to grow today thanks to the guidance and warm support of countless people. Before saying anything else we must thank from the bottom of our hearts those who provided such exceptional assistance to a young company like us.

Our mission is to provide everyone with the energy to take on tomorrow through the power of food.

Our motto is to do our utmost to bring everyone delicious yet affordable meals, Japanese hospitality, compassion and to live each moment in life to it's fullest!

We aim to have the charm of the local pub, serving food prepared by artisan chefs with painstaking attention to detail. Wander in, grab a drink and chow-down on food that's so delicious, but still so cheap! We're continuing to develop restaurants that are known for being more than just the local pub.

We hope you'll expect big things as Eat Factory continues to push the boundaries into the future without forgetting our humble beginning, and with thanks to all those who support us.

Eat Factory Co., Ltd Representative Director Yamaguchi Isao

Eat Factory Co., Ltd Representative Director Yamaguchi Isao