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Sales Division 3 Manager Nishizaka Tetsunobu

Eat Factory has a charm you won't find elsewhere. It comes from the people! In the beginning I had no experience, and not much interest in the hospitality industry. But when I was given a chance at managing a brand-new store, the friendly, energetic support from everyone took me from clueless to a successful grand opening.

Now at my store I'm investing in my staff and building an environment where they can all realize their ambitions. With this workplace and these friends, I want to keep working here forever!

New Employee Maho Kawanishi

Even before I graduated high school I knew that I wanted to get a job where I got to communicate with customers.

When I went to a job fair around that time, Eat Factory caught my eye. I went to their presentation and watched their Award company video. As I watched the video I thought everyone looked like they were having so much fun and I decided right then "I will work here!"

I've been helped so much by the staff trainers and everyone else, but I'm still doing my best so that my smile is good enough to bring the customers back every time!

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A day at Eat Factory

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The merits of working at Eat FactoryThe Merits of Working at Eat Factory!

Master the Art of Communication!

At Eat Factory your customers, work friends and co-workers are spread across a wide range of ages. You will master the art of communicating with anybody of any age. You will be able to talk to anybody with a smile!

Level Up Your Manners!

Talk to customers, your superiors and your juniors.
How can you make sure that customers have a great time? How can you communicate clearly with your juniors?
When dealing with people manners make a big difference, level yours up here!

Make new friends!

Through both the fun times and the hard times, the memories you make together here are irreplaceable.
You'll become more than co-workers, at Eat Factory you'll find your new best friends!